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January 2, 2020
Importing Jobs from API’s

Jobs can be imported from regular RSS feeds or using providers API's, if you have a Professional plan. Before reading this article please make sure you've read the support article for manually Importing jobs in advanced mode and to learn how

July 28, 2019
Whey do jobs on the RSS feed differ from jobs on the provider site, using the same keywords, categories?

Jobs available on a feed rarely have 1:1 relation with jobs on the provider site. Since feeds usually contain a much limited number of jobs providers often use their own criteria to choose which jobs ​go into their RSS feed.

May 2, 2019
Replace Long Application Links with Text Links

Application links from some imported jobs can be very long and ugly, as exemplified below: To avoid this you can replace the long link with a short text link, as exemplified below: Just add this snippet to your functions.php file:

April 15, 2019
Can job seekers apply directly instead of being redirected to external job page?

If you are using your own jobs RSS feeds (i.e: you are generating your own feed with jobs that you control - not a third party) you can specify an email address to be used as the job applications email.

January 23, 2019
Programatically Assign Terms From Custom Category Tags

If you need better control over the taxonomy terms (job categories, job types), get categories from custom feed tags, or even set terms on other non-standard taxonomies, you can leverage the plugin available filters. Since categories behave differently then custom

January 3, 2019
Map Additional Custom Fields from Feeds

For most feeds, Go Fetch Jobs matches RSS feeds standard tags like: location, geolocation, latitude, longitude, company, logo and maps them to the respective database field.  Feeds can contain other tags but since Go Fetch Jobs does not have info on

December 5, 2018
Can I display imported jobs separately?

Prefessional plans and up allow listing imported jobs separately using a special shortcode. Please refer to this support article for details.

December 5, 2018
Any way to toggle between imported/regular jobs?

Prefessional plans and up allow filtering jobs. Please refer to this support article for details.

December 5, 2018
Display Separate Listings using Shortcodes

Professional plans and up allow separating imported job listings from "regular" listings through simple shortcodes. You can find the settings for the shortcode under Go Fetch Jobs > Settings > Listings. The shortcode name is [goft_jobs]  and by itself alone, without

February 13, 2018
Available Providers

Below is a comprehensive list of all the providers that are pre-loaded with the plugin, per plan. Please note that the plugin is not limited to work with these providers. You'll have additional advantages in using pre-set providers but you