How do I find jobs RSS feeds?

How do I find jobs RSS feeds?

To avoid searching all over the internet for job feeds the plugin is already loaded with a pre-set list. The Free version contains a modest list while the Pro and Pro+ plans provide a larger list of providers. Check this page for the full list.

If you are looking for additional feeds here are a couple of suggestion:

  •  try googling for: ‘jobs rss feed’ or  ‘jobs in portugal rss feed’, etc. 

  • try directly visiting job sites and look for an RSS link or icon  on the main jobs page. These are usually located on the page footer or right near the jobs. Below is an example for The feed is available when clicking the feed  icon.


If you think you’ve found a feed but you’re not sure you can try pasting it on the plugin Feed:

If you don’t get an error then your feed is valid. Otherwise you’ll need to keep looking.

Good Luck!