The settings page allows you to do several tweaks to Go Fetch Jobs behavior.

Options are organized in tabs:

The first settings tab, Importer, contains the main importer options. They are organized in 4 groups:

  • Admin
  • Importer
  • Geocoding
  • Imported Jobs


  • Imported Jobs Filter

Checking this option will display a new dropdown on the jobs page to allow filtering imported jobs. Useful if you want to list only imported jobs, or vice-versa:

  • Provider Filter

Similar to the previous option, this one, if checked, will display a new dropdown listing all providers from all your imported jobs. You can then filter jobs by provider:

  • Provider Column

If you need to identify the provider for each of your imported jobs, check this option and a new column will show up on the jobs table:


  • Duplicates Behavior

This option lets you change the behavior applied to jobs that were already in your database (duplicate *):

(*) GOFJ uses each job title and external URL as the unique key.

There are 2 options available:

  • Ignore All (default)
    • Skips importing any jobs already on your database
  • Update
    • If a job already existis on the database it will be updated with any new data in the current feed


  • Keyword Matching

This option lets you choose how the importer should match jobs when you specify positive/negative keywords:

There are 3 available options:

  • Content & Title
    • Match keywords on the job title and content
  • Content
    • Match keywords on the job content only
  • Title
    • Match keywords on the job title only


  • Use CORS Proxy

Since some RSS feeds that use https:// might be considered invalid if your site does not use https://  this option tries to load these feeds through a CORS proxy.


  • Google API Key

To enable geolocation for imported jobs (not available on all feeds) you need a Google API key. Visit How to Generate a Google Maps API Key for more info.

  • Rate Limit

This field allows you to set the rate at which the importer will geocode any RSS feeds containing geo locations (latitude/longitude). The rate limit is based on your Google maps geocoding plan (Standard by default). The default value is 50 locations per second.

Imported Jobs

  • Status

The default status for all imported jobs.

  • Duration

The job duration for all imported jobs.

  • Allow Visitors to Apply

If checked, this option will make the imported jobs external apply link visible to site visitors. By default, only registered users can see the application link.

  • Read More Text

This option allows you to set the text that is appended to job description excerpts.

  • Canonical Links

Canonical links allow you to notify search engines about the original source of the jobs imported. Since duplicate content is a big no-no to search engines, having jobs with the same content as the original source or with similar content on your website is seen as a negative. Checking this option could help your SEO.