Does RSS Affect SEO?

Import jobs from RSS feeds has both a positive and negative impact on its SEO ranking. Imported jobs increase keyword visibility in your job posts which boosts its ranking in search engine results. In addition to this, search engines also factor when the article was published into their algorithm. If you’re importing a job that was published, say a week ago, your site will rank better in the results. However, since you’re publishing jobs that aren’t 100% unique, your site will experience some negative SEO ranking, as well.

In a nutshell, RSS feeds do in fact help your site rank better in search engines albeit in a less direct way than original jobs do. This also ensures that your site isn’t static – that it keeps updating. Automatically importing fresh jobs on your website ensures that your site won’t fall behind in SEO.

Can I Make Money With Affiliate Job Links?

Some providers like Indeed or Careerjet can generate revenue on sponsored jobs clicks through a special URL parameter that identifies the publisher ID (e.g: http://www.indeed.pt/viewjob?t=some-job&indpubnum=xxx). Revenue is usually earned when job seekers click on sponsored jobs (jobs that pay per click) or when users that clicked trough a job link generate revenue on the provider site. This can vary between providers so please read their FAQ pages carefully or contact them directly if you have any questions on how affiliates revenue work.

Go Fetch Jobs allows you to pass your Publisher ID or any other special parameters through all external links to help you earn some extra revenue with these providers. This is done through the ‘Monetize’ group under the ‘URL Parameters’ field.

URL Parameters

Here are examples for Indeed and Careerjet and how to use them on your imported jobs external links:


Use this parameter: ‘indpubnum=xxx’



Use this parameter: ‘affid=xxx’


Why aren't jobs showing full job descriptions?

Some sites don’t provide full job descriptions on their RSS feeds. This is usually intended to have users still visit the original site to read the full description.

Why don't all jobs show a logo after importing?

Logos are not available in all RSS feeds and unfortunately RSS feeds that provide them are still the exception.

Why do I sometimes see logo thumbnails from imported jobs in the backend but not on frontend?

Since some of the logos pulled from RSS feeds are from images stored on CDN’s they cannot be stored as native WordPress featured images in the media library. This means that if your theme does not use the default theme/plugin custom function to display jobs on the frontend these logos may not be displayed. You’ll need some custom changes to be able to do display logos in that case.

What do you mean with "available for select providers"?

This means that some features like logos or location and company names metadata is only offered by some providers.

How do I import jobs so that they are all automatically assigned to the matching category?

Only the Premium plans provide this feature trough the Smart Assign option. In the Free version you need to choose one category that will be assigned to all jobs on each bulk import. (*)

(*) Does not apply to the AppThemes version.

How to generate a Google Maps Geocoding API key?

Google now requires an API key to every call to their maps API.

Please follow these steps to Generate a Google Maps Geocoding API key:
Create Project
Manager Projects
API Libraries
Click on the ‘Google Maps Javascript API’ link and on the API screen click ‘Enable’.
Repeat for the ‘Google Maps Geocoding API’ link.
Now click ‘Credentials’ on the sidebar menu.
Click on the ‘Create Credentials’ Button.
Click on the ‘API Key’ Option.
Click in the ‘Browser Key’ button.
You can now enter a name for your key and a domain/s please note that format *.domain.com/* as this is very important ie *.yourdomain.com/* or localhost/*.  Leave blank to use any referrer or if you are having any issues.Click on the ‘Create’ button after creating a name and domain.
You can then copy the API key that is presented to you into the ‘GOFT > Settings > Geocode API Key’.