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Pricing for WP Job Manager, and JobRoller.

WP Job Manager

Starting at $ 49.99 / year

What is Go Fetch Jobs?

Go Fetch Jobs is a plugin meant to help jobs sites running WP Job manager importing jobs from popular job sites RSS feeds. It can be a great tool for new job sites struggling to have new content and visitors. It’s also a great way for established job sites to have regular quality jobs added to their site.

Since Go Fetch Jobs imports jobs directly to the jobs database, imported jobs are seamlessly integrated with “regular” jobs added by job listers or recruiters. It’s an alternative to API’s used by some job aggregators that will only pull and displays jobs stored on their remote database.

It has the ability to import not only the basic data from RSS feeds but also meta data like the job location, job company names and logos, on selected RSS feeds.

Additionally, with Go Fetch Jobs installed you can fully automate your job imports using automatic schedules using your saved import templates (premium plans only). You can put your site in full auto pilot and keep it fresh with quality jobs, every day.

Below you’ll find more details on the available features. Note that not all features are available in the Free version. To find which features are available on each available version please check the Features page.