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Configure SourceStack API

SourceStack is a premium data-as-a-Service API, that provides access to thousands of jobs from all over the world. Go Fetch Jobs customers get a 1.000 jobs free credit on SourceStack. All jobs are provided with rich metadata, including full HTML job descriptions.

Before reading this article please make sure you’ve read the support article for manually Importing jobs in advanced mode.

Makes sure you also check SourceStack’s Go Fetch Jobs integration page.

Setup general API settings for SourceStack

To start using SourceStack’s API, you’ll first need to get an API key.

Go to Settings > API Providers > SourceStack, and add your API key on the respective field. Hit Save and you’re ready to start backfilling your job board.

From the Settings page you can optionally configure default values, that are applied to every import, like Country, City, Categories, etc.

Any change that you do on these settings will be applied for ALL jobs imported for the provider.

Most of the settings are also available during the import but they will only apply to each single import, and not to ALL imported jobs.

Import Jobs from API

After setting SourceStack’s default settings, you are ready to start importing jobs from that source.

Head over to the Import Jobs page and select SourceStack from the list of pre-set providers. Pick it from the list of API’s, or type in the provider name.

At this point you’ll be presented with the feed builder, which shows several new fields that allow you to further control the jobs being imported.

Using he feed builder, you can override any of the default settings, including, using a different country. For this example, we’re searching for any available remote jobs on the company name Canvas, with some specific job education and categories.

The feed builder is similar to the query builder available on SourceStack’s website.

When you’re happy with your settings, you just need to copy & paste the dynamically generated URL, on the URL field below:

After you hit Load, Go Fetch Jobs will connect to the provider, pull a list of jobs that match all your criteria, and display a sample job.

At this point you can also map each of the fields provided by the API to any custom fields you use. You can leave the defaults mappings if you don’t know what each custom field means.

Import Jobs

After you get a list of the jobs that match your criteria, you’re ready to add them to your job board. To do this, just scroll down to the Save group, where you’ll find the Go Fetch Jobs! button.

If you just want to do an one-off import of jobs, you just need to hit Go Fetch Jobs!. If you want to keep this import as a template, you can specify a template name and save it. You can then use the template on an automated schedule, or just load it later to do new manually import.

If you decide to save the import as a schedule, you’ll be given the option to automatically create the schedule, right from the import page. The schedule will be available for further editing, on the Schedules page.

That’s it. This is all you need to start pulling jobs from SourceStack!

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