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Display Separate Listings using Shortcodes

Professional plans and up allow separating imported job listings from “regular” listings through simple shortcodes.

You can find the settings for the shortcode under Go Fetch Jobs > Settings > Listings.

The shortcode name is [goft_jobs]  and by itself alone, without any options, will simply display all imported jobs whenever you use it.

But there are several cool options that allow you tweaking the way jobs are displayed on your site. Keep reading.

Independent listings

Checking this option will hide imported jobs from your regular listings so you can list imported jobs separately, using the shortcode [goft_jobs]. The default  WPJM [jobs] shortcode will only display user submitted jobs with this option checked. Leave it unchecked to mix regular with imported jobs on your listings.

Note that you can still use the [goft_jobs] shortcode with this option unchecked (mixed listings) if you need to  display a list of imported jobs only on a separate page.

Allow Filtering

If you don’t need separate listings and you just want to allow your visitors to toggle between imported and regular submitted jobs, check this option. It will add a dropdown to the your regular listings as displayed below.

Filter Labels

If you enabled filtering you can change the labels displayed on the dropdown. Customize them as you which. The dropdown will change accordingly.


As an example of using separate listings you can check the frontend demo. It showcases the shortcode by displaying only imported jobs and below, displays the mixed list of jobs (‘Independent Listings’ option unchecked).