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My schedules don’t import any jobs

Schedules might not return jobs for several reasons. The most common one being the schedule being setup to retrieve jobs from the current or previous day. This is not recommended since some RSS are not updated daily and they might not contain jobs from the current or previous day. Jobs might not also be imported if you run your schedule before the time the providers updates their RSS feed. That’s why it is recommended to import jobs with with a minimum 2 days interval.

Here’s a complete list of suggestions to fix schedules issues:

  • Use the Test button on the schedule page. It simulates running the schedule without importing any jobs. From there you can check the log table on the schedule page.
  • Check each schedule Last Run column. It should display the last time it run and the result.
  • Remember that since schedules run using WP Cron, they will only run if you have site visits.
  • Check that you have a minimum of 2 days for the feed being imported. If you still cannot see new imported jobs try increasing that number. Some feeds are updated with longer intervals and thus may only contain jobs already imported.
  • Increase the number of days interval to a higher number (i.e: 30). If you do get jobs with a higher number, it means that your day limit is excluding jobs with an older date.
  • Check for any limits or filters that you have set for the schedule.
  • Try changing the time in which schedules run (Settings > Scheduler) since sometimes you might be running the schedules before the provider updates the feeds.
  • Try changing the interval between schedule runs (Settings > Scheduler)
  • If you keep getting ‘No new jobs found in Feed‘ try opening the feed directly in your browser and look for job titles that you don’t find on your database.
  • Remember that job imports are resource intensive. It’s not recommended to have a large number of schedules, specially if their respective templates import more than 20 jobs and you have scraping enabled. Having too many “heavy” schedules might cause schedules to hang and your host will eventually kill processes that take too long.

Increase Schedules Run Interval

Try increasing the interval between Cron schedules runs, under Settings > Scheduler. Increase the interval to 10sec or more. This can be specially helpful, if you are pulling jobs from the same provider since the provider might lock you out if you are doing too many connections to their site.

Schedules Still not Running

If you have followed all the recommendations and schedules still don’t run, the problem might be related with a specific schedule. Try leaving only one schedule enabled and let it run on its scheduled time. If it runs, enable a new schedule and repeat. This will help identify any schedule that might be causing others not to tun.

Other Notes

Please take in consideration that some providers will not update their feeds every day. If you don’t get new jobs every day it doesn’t mean the scheduler is not working.

You should consider the suggestions above if your schedules don’t pull any jobs during several days (1 week minimum). That could mean your schedule might need some tweaks to properly pull jobs.