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Smart Assign

Smart Assign can automatically assign the most relevant job categories/types to imported jobs.

How it Works?

Since job types and job categories names will vary from feed to feed and since these are not usually available as standard fields like the title or description, the importer uses keyword matching for finding the best match for each job. It does this by reading all your job types and job categories and then matching them against each job title and job description.

If you are importing jobs that don’t fit on a specific job category or type, you should enable the Smart Assign option:

 As an example, lets consider that you have these job types:

  • freelance
  • contract

.. and these job categories:

  • web design
  • development

… and the feed contained these jobs:

Freelance needed for some web development work!

Interior Design (Contract)!

Smart Assign will automatically assign the first job to freelance and development and the second one to design and contract because it found a match between the existing terms and the job titles.

Importantly, for this feature to work correctly, your job types and categories MUST have an exact match on the job title or description. If the automatic terms assignment fails for a job, then the default terms (see fixed terms above) will be assigned.

You can reduce the chances of smart assign failure by mapping additional keywords for each of your terms using the regular WP terms editor. Keep reading.

Mapping different Keywords to existing Job Types/Categories

You might want to match different keywords to your existing job categories/types, like for example, assigning any job that contains the keywords ‘web designer’ or ‘designer’ to a category named ‘Design‘. Without the mappings, only imported jobs with the word ‘design’ would be assigned to the ‘Design’ job category.

Fortunately, there’s also a mapping tool that you can use to help. You can do the mappings right inside the job categories/types edit screen (Job Listings > Job Categories and Job Listings > Job Types). Just edit the category you want to map to different keywords:

On the edit job category/type screen you can add any keywords that you want to be assigned to the job category/type. Make sure you separate each keyword with a comma:

This simple change will tell the importer to assign any job that contains the keywords ‘designer’ or ‘web designer’ to the ‘Design‘ job category. Make sure you select ‘Smart Assign‘ during import.

Smart Assign Options

There are have several options to choose from for the Smart Assign feature. Below is a list of all the options and their functionality:

  • Yes (Multi Terms Match)
    • Will assign any term match
  • Yes (Single Term Match)
    • Will only assign the first term match
  • Yes (Categories Multi terms Match/Job Types Single Term Match)
    • Will assign any category terms that match AND only the first job type term match
  • Yes (Job Types Multi terms Match/Categories Single Term Match)
    • Will assign any job type terms that match AND only the first job category term match
  • No
    • Don’t use ‘Smart Assign’. All jobs will be assigned to the default job type and category.