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Why do I only get 10 jobs on my feed?

Job providers RSS feeds are usually limited to around 20 jobs. This is a limit imposed by the provider and not by the plugin.

Some RSS feeds can have a larger number of jobs but this will always depend on the provider. You can see the total number of jobs under the sample table after loading a feed (*).

(*) This assumes you are not limiting the feed with parameters that can limit the jobs inside the feed (i.e: ‘jobs_in_feed=10’). To check that you are not using a feed whose total jobs is being limited by a parameter just paste the feed without any parameters (i.e: instead of…)

Can I Import more jobs then the set limit?

Go Fetch Jobs can usually only import as many jobs as provided on the feed, unless the feeds support pagination parameters (i.e: page=2, page=3, etc). In these cases, the importer can pull more jobs by automatically bulk appending jobs, from each page.

The importer will display the message below on providers that support pagination, thus allowing importing more then the usual limit.

If you see this message you can import more jobs then the total displayed by the feed. In these cases you can manually set a higher limit on the feed builder ‘limit’ field (i.e: 50).

Although in these cases you can import more jobs, please keep in mind that the more jobs you import the slower the import will be. This is specially true if you enable features like ‘Scrape Metadata’ which are resource intensive or if you have multiple schedules pulling that many jobs from different templates.

The max recommended jobs per feed is 50.