What is Go Fetch Jobs?

Go Fetch Jobs is a great tool for new job sites struggling to have new content and visitors. It’s also a great way for established job sites to have regular quality jobs added to their site.

Go Fetch Jobs imports jobs directly to the your site database, keeping them seamlessly integrated with “regular” jobs added by job listers or recruiters. It’s an alternative to other tools used by some job aggregators that will only pull and displays lists of jobs stored on their remote database.

It has the ability to import not only the basic data from RSS feeds and popular job providers API’s but also meta data like the job location, job company names and logos, on selected providers.

Additionally, with Go Fetch Jobs installed you can fully automate your job imports using automatic schedules using your saved import templates. You can put your site in full auto pilot and keep it fresh with quality jobs, every day.

Just pick your favorite job site, look for the jobs RSS feed, paste it directly to Go Fetch Jobs and instantly get fresh jobs in your database!

The UI is simple and provides tips and descriptions about each option and how it works.

To help you quickly getting jobs from external sites, Go Fetch Jobs comes bundled with ready to use RSS feeds and detailed instructions on how to setup RSS feeds for job sites that provide them. An RSS builder is also available for providers that allow customizing the RSS feed.


Easily categorize bulk job imports with job categories, job types or Go Fetch Jobs auto-assign the best ones based on the job title and content. Custom fields values and expiry dates/job duration can also be filled with default values.

Categorize : Smart Assign

Custom RSS Builder

For existing RSS providers that allow customizing their feeds, Go Fetch jobs provides a handy RSS feed builder that allows you to customize the feeds without leaving your site. Just choose your keywords and preferred locations (if available) and see the RSS feed being built in real time.

RSS Builder


You can control and customize your job imports setup and save them as a templates. These templates, beside simplifying future imports, can be assigned to automatic imports, available through schedules. You can create unlimited schedules to automatically and regularly import jobs. Just specify an existing template, the schedule recurrence and watch your site being refreshed with new jobs on a regular basis.

Choose Template

Job Filtering

For further control over the jobs being imported you can filter jobs by a date interval, keywords,and limit the number of jobs to import.

Filter Jobs


Schedules are one of the most powerful features in Go Fetch Jobs since they allow you to automatically import jobs on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) using an existing import template.

On each schedule you can further limit the jobs to import and assign them to a particular job lister.

Schedules are a great way to keep your job site fresh with new jobs!


Still not sure? Try the 7 days trials, and check it yourself.